Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide Holistic or deep tissue massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being.

Bamboo Massage

What Is Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is an innovative way to provide a Holistic or Deep Tissue Massage using heated bamboo to roll and knead the tissue to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. This massage is also used as a powerful preventive therapy against modern-day stress and to aid relief from many physical and emotional problems. This massage is typically done with a hollow organically-treated bamboo cane of different lengths and diameters, which is warmed or used at room temperature. This is believed to be an ancient therapy. The bamboo cane replaces the hand of the therapist. It is able to give a deeper, firmer massage. The cane is held by the therapist and rolled over the muscle with the same strokes they would use with their hands. Pressure is adjusted to suit the clients comfort level.

A Natural Detox with a stimulating Bamboo Massage

The rolling and kneading of the bamboo sticks stimulates and heats the body, thereby dissipating accumulated toxins.  The enhanced circulation moving through the body, heart and lungs also helps to remove stagnant toxins.

Similarly it improves lymphatic drainage and the removal of excess fluids. This is the perfect massage treatment as part of a detox and / or weight loss program.

This treatment can accelerate rehabilitation for many injuries and the release of endorphins provides the body with a natural pain killing boost.

Muscle Pain Relief 

Similar to deep tissue massage, bamboo has the ability to release tension in major muscles through intensive kneading.  It is especially effective for runners and cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs, feet and IT bands as it softens and breaks down muscular tensions. It can enhance sports performance and endurance with just a few sessions which is why more sports massage specialists are adding it to their portfolio.

For women whose legs feel heavy and tight, the rolling and kneading with bamboo will soothe and alleviate discomfort, thus giving more vitality to their movements.

What Are the Benfits From Bamboo Massage

Like any form of massage, there are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits.  At minimum, it produces a deep sense of relaxation, serenity and inner wellbeing.  In fact, many believe it to be a powerful and safe therapy to reduce or eliminate the stress commonly associated with contemporary daily life.

Considered a complementary therapy to be used alongside conventional western medicine to treat illness and relieve muscle pain, it also plays a very strong preventative role.

It also reactivates and stimulates blood circulation