JAN 25 TH 2020 9AM – 5.30PM

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a new healing modality. Rahanni means ‘Of One Heart’, and this is a healing
coming from the heart. ‘Ra’ relates to the name of the most powerful Ancient Egyptian Sun God, the Father of all
creation, and also the mirror image of the Ascended Master Lord Melchizedek, overseer of the universe. ‘Hanni’
is the Hebrew girl’s name meaning ‘Favoured Grace’. The separation of man from Source is known as ‘The Fall
from Grace’. It is now the time for man to return to Source; for Grace to return to planet earth to assist in this
great process towards Ascension. This is the most wonderful opportunity to connect with the higher beings of
Light, to assist our planet in raising the Spiritual consciousness of all humanity; and to reconnect humanity to
truth, love and compassion.
Rahanni, as a healing modality, is believed to have originated from Sirius, the Pleiades and Andromeda, star and
galactic systems which are home to many advanced civilisations. Rahanni works on a new pink ray of light which
connects to the heart centre, releasing all fear based thinking and negativity, opening humanity to their natural
essence of Truth, Love and Compassion.The most important concept of Rahanni is that you keep it simple and
that you must on all occasions work from your Heart for the higher good and healing of everyone.
Rahanni is a 5th dimensional healing modality that works on a higher vibration and a deeper level, therefore
cutting down the healing time. It raises the vibration of the student to a much higher level of spiritual
understanding, expanding the aura and helping with a change in consciousness. Rahanni is thousands of years
old but is now the new healing modality for this Golden Age, a moving forward of spiritual growth by releasing
negativity and the old ways of thinking to that of inner peace, positive thought and compassion.

Who can benefit?

Everyone! Especially children. They are open to these higher energies. It has been known to benefit those
children diagnosed with hyperactivity and A.D.D. The clients body will decide how much of the healing light is
required. It is understood healing of the physical body can be felt along with a possible balancing of the mental
and emotional issues.
You do not have to believe for it to work, just a desire to receive and accept the energy. Animals will also benefit,
they have no problem accepting the healing light. Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change
for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing.

Rahanni level 1- who’s it for?

Anyone with a strong interest and desire to self develop and work with healing energies.
Prerequisite: None.
Rahanni is very simple; at this stage we only use one Symbol, Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters and
channel this pure unconditional love to help heal on all levels.

During the course you will learn and experience:
Where Rahanni has come from
The principles and ethics of Rahanni
Meet your very own Pink Celestial Angel
Learn About Self Healing & Distant Healing with Rahanni
Learn how to give a One to One Hands on healing
​The attunement to Rahanni, a 5th Dimensional healing light.

​A full comprehensive manual of 80 pages with in-depth knowledge of Rahanni. ​Connection to Ascended Masters, Archangels and Higher Beings of Light. ​You are shown Distant Healing with this level. ​Healing for Children, Animals and Self-Healing and healing of situations. ​Connection to 7 Archangels and their attributes. ​A certificate, accepted by Insurance companies world-wide. ​A raising of your spiritual vibration to connect with the 5th Dimension.

​On-going support to all Practitioners/Teachers of Rahanni for as long as it is required.

You can also be included in the Rahanni Directory Listing to help promote your business and this is free of

-Pay parking available
-Light refreshments provided
-lunch/dinner not included
-Course limited to 6 people so early booking advisable
-Course investment €135
– Early booking offer; book by Jan 05th €120
-Non- refundable deposit of €50 required to secure booking

For bookings and  info contact;

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