Fertility Reflexology?
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Fertillity Reflexology

What Is Fertililty Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology involves the stimulation of certain points on the feet that correspond to the reproductive system. By manipulating these points, the imbalances that can lead to problems conceiving may be corrected.

 The stress and tensions of modern life can have a significant impact on health and therefore on fertility too. Anxiety due to fertility problems can also greatly increase the stress that the person suffers. 

However, there are possible steps that can be taken to help improve the chances of getting pregnant. Regular reflexology treatments and healthy lifestyles can play a very important role in achieving positive results.

Joan McCabe

Holistic Healthcare

What can Fertility Reflexology help with?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)


Irregular menstrual cycle



Adhesions (more commonly known as scar tissue)

Hormonal imbalances

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

Support our own natural healing abilities of the body

Encourage all body systems to function efficiently