Discover the amazing health benefits that Reflexology can offer

Laois Reflexologist explains that Reflexology is so much more than just a foot massage. It is a centuries-old practice that can boost your health and well being in a myriad of ways from helping you to get a better night’s sleep, to relieving pain. Keep reading to find out what the top 8 most important benefits of Reflexology are, below.

Reflexology for Pain

One of the most significant advantages of having this type of therapy is that it can help to relieve tension in the muscles in the body. Of course, by loosening up tight muscles, pain relief follows. Therefore, it can be used effectively to treat a range of different kinds of pain, including neck, back, and headaches. Yes, even though it is a treatment for the feet!

Nerve Stimulation 

The premise that Reflexology is based on is that certain parts on the feet are connected to particular parts of the body. Therefore by stimulating the areas on the reflexology foot map associated with specific body parts, the nerves in these parts can also be stimulated.

Of course, this is such a good thing because, as we get older, our nerve endings can lose sensitivity and so function less well, but Reflexology can help to rectify this.

Reflexology Alleviates Depression & Anxiety 

For those struggling with mental illness such as anxiety and depression, Reflexology can offer a welcome natural boost. The reason for this is that by rubbing the top of the toes, serotonin, the happy hormone is produced.

Additionally when carrying out treatment, attention can be paid to the points associated with the adrenal and hypothalamic glands. Something that can also help improve mood and alleviate anxiety and depression.

Helps to boost circulation

Our bodies need oxygen to function correctly and making sure that our circulatory system is effectively working is hugely important to our health. The good news is that reflexology massage can help significantly improve blood circulation. Therefore making sure we get all the freshly oxygenated blood that we need.

Improves Sleep

We cannot function optimally if we aren’t able to relax or sleep. The great thing about Reflexology is that as well as all the other health benefits mentioned in this post, it can be a relaxing foot massage as well. Reflexology is so successful for relaxation that it is routinely used to treat sleep disorders like insomnia.

Reduces PMS

PMS symptoms can be hugely problematic for many women, seriously affecting their quality of life and mood. Fortunately, this treatment can come to the rescue here, by stimulating reflex points associated with the endocrine system with particular attention paid to the reproductive system.


Finally, it is also fantastic for helping our bodies to detoxify, which is excellent news because of all the pollutants and additives that we take in due to our environment and food. Specifically, Reflexology for detox purposes will focus on the Kidney, bladder lymphatic points, which can help eliminate toxins from the system.

Final thoughts 

If you are looking for some help with the issues mentioned above and you are in Laois, Ireland, or the surrounding areas, get in touch with professionally registered Laois Reflexologist Joan McCabe Breen at and book your first reflexology appointment.